Handmade Soaps

Handmade Soaps


Flirt- Bring out the flirtatious side of you with this sweet moisturizing bar. A rich chocolaty layer topped with sweet layers of pink sugar. Perfectly alluring!


Eucalyptus Blue- Breathe deeply when using this revitalizing wake-me-up bar. A moisturizing bar made with pure eucalyptus essential oil, excellent for soothing skin ailments as well as relieving cold and flu symptoms


Orange and Pomegranate- A silky hard bar  sweet and stimulating natural bar emphasizing the energizing flavours of juicy oranges and tart pomegranates. A generous garnish of orange essential oil accentuates this citrusy big bubbles in a delightful swirl of colour.


Silky Swirl-  Velvety hints of vanilla topped with the fresh scent of raspberries. An irresistible moisturizing bar!

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