Champagne Bliss

Champagne Bliss

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·         Triple Insulated Vacuum Technology.

·         Stainless Steel 18/8 (304) food grade inside & out.

·         Keeps temperatures hot for 8+ hours and cold for 36+ hours.

·         BPA Free, no toxic inner liner.

·         Sweat proof, leak proof, no leaching flavours of any sort. 

·         Temperature of outer wall remains cool to the touch despite    temperature inside of bottle. 

·         Wide neck able to fit large ice cubes and easy to clean. 

·         Small drinking spout for easy, clean, and comfortable consumption. 

·         Carrying handle. 

·         Screw-on lid attached to the bottle, won’t be misplaced and/or lost. 

·         Comfortably fits into all standard sized cup holders. 

·         Tea and ice strainer included.

·         Optional universal lids (coffee, flip/sports, straw & carbon filter, sold    separately).

·         Designed and tested in Canada

·         1yr.  manufacturer’s warranty.

Three Sizes: 350mL, 500mL, 800mL

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