Red Wine

Red Wine

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This fun to use eco-friendly product combines the traditional functionality of a chalkboard with the beauty of a fine art photograph. You can write over the entire surface with a piece of chalk or chalk marker. Simply damp wipe to clean. It's great for messages, lists, menu planning, and notes of all kinds. Make a unique custom gift by uploading your own photograph. Made with a recycled wood product, your board can be hung on the wall or if you choose the magnetized option, you can stick it to the fridge. Or if you prefer to rest in on our desk or a bookshelf, you can display your Photo Chalkboard using one of our handmade, up-cycled, wooden stands.

Small= 6 inches x 9 inches (magnet included)

Medium= 9 inches x 12 inches (magnet included)

Large= 12 inches x 18 inches (wooden stand included)

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